2017 HIOAC is proudly Distributing HEXCYL SYSTEM in the USA!

Hexcyl Systems offer oyster farmers and shellfish farmers a wide range of shellfish aquaculture products designed for Adjustable Longline Shellfish Farming and other tidal growing systems.
Our Hexcyl Oyster Baskets offer unique features suitable for oyster farming, mussel farming, scallop farming and other types of marine mollusc farming.
Hexcyl Oyster baskets and products are designed for a wide range of grow out options and orientations in low, moderate and high energy environments.

Features of Hexcyl Shellfish Baskets
Dimensions – Assembled
• Our range of Oyster baskets cover all sizes required for shellfish growth
• 5 Basket sizes – 3, 5, 10, 15 and 20mm mesh sizes
• The patented Hexcyl pivot bank offers multiple attachment positions
• Attach in linear orientation along the line or..
• Attach across two lines approx 600 mm(24”) to 750 mm(30”) apart
• Access doors at both ends of the Oyster basket
• Positive locking ‘square axle” feature of the clp when attached to pivot bank
• Locks when located in the upright operating position
• Locks when folded down in the storage position for space efficiency
• Fold down clips for efficient transport of Oyster Baskets to and from Oyster farms


New Oyster Grading Machine Calculates Precise Size for Perfect Sorting Fishing Creek, MD – Hoopers Island Oyster Aquaculture Company has partnered with the University of Maryland to create the Pearlception Oyster Grading Machine which detects the exact size of Oysters and sorts them accordingly. There is no other machine that has the capabilities of the Pearlception Using 3-D laser image scanning, the Pearlception identifies the precise volumetric size of the Oyster, and packs them into a predesignated box according to their grade. The Pearlception has the ability to pack seven boxes at the same time with up to seven different grades determined by the machine operator

See the Pearlception 3D Oyster Grader in Action