Blockchain for your Business and Beyond

Do you want to learn about blockchain and see real examples of how businesses are using the technology?

Well then, we have the event for you 🙂

Next Monday, April 16th The Bowie Innovation Center (BIC) is hosting a great event

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Event Details

Blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies (DLTs) offer potential opportunities for application in business. Collaboration, coordination, and reconciliation which benefit Bitcoin and Ethereum, offer similar advantages when applied to back-office processes including supply chain, accounting, finance, health-care, and government.

Creating trust in a trustless environment and reducing duplication of information are just two of the many benefits of DLTs. Understanding Blockchain and your business means acknowledging, pivoting, scaling, and profiting. Learn more about the developing applications and Use Cases of Blockchain by attending this event.

Speakers include:
– Andrew Mangle, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor, MIS, Bowie State University
– Michael Coon: Co-Founder, TekHedz, LLC
– Joe Conjerti: Portfolio Analyst, Maryland TEDCO

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