F³ Tech Challenge Events Now Being Scheduled – Fall 2017

Approximately a half-dozen F³ Tech Challenge Events have beens scheduled for this upcoming Fall throughout the State of Maryland.  Challenge Events are one-day technology and innovation hackathons held at participating colleges/universities, coworking spaces, and incubator facilities.  These events strive to introduce students, entrepreneurs, and innovators to opportunities available in the sectors of agriculture technology, agriculture technology, and environmental technology. These events are also intended to serve as an entry point into the innovation ecosystem and a pipeline to other accelerator programs that help facilitate the commercialization of the innovations and technologies initiated during the events.

Each Challenge Event will have a list of 4 to 6 challenges representing each of three categories; agritech, aquatech, and envirotech. The challenges are sourced from businesses and industry subject matter experts and are representative of real-world problems that can benefit from a new approach or innovation and can be commercialized to provide a market application or solution. Participating individuals and teams select a challenge to work on during the course of the day, making a presentations at the end of the day before a panel of industry experts who provide feedback and award cash prize(s).