Haschen aims to enlighten ag culture on Eastern Shore

EASTON, Md. (Sept. 26, 2017) — An entrepreneurial spirit has shaped and emboldened the life of Tom Haschen. Now he wants to implant that spirit into the lives of others.
Notably, he is focused particularly on the lives of farmers and others in agricultural industry on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and elsewhere across the Mid-Atlantic.
Haschen, the founder of a firm headquartered in Easton and known as Papillon, has announced the formation of another business adventure called PinOak Partners LLC.
Its thrust and challenge is to provide, as Haschen puts it, “aid, counsel and money to aspiring entrepreneurs.”

“I am convinced,” Haschen said, “that people in agriculture by nature are innovative, hard-working and intelligent. If they have ideas or a concept they wish to pursue and need help, Pinoak may be able to help them.”

Haschen has gathered together a group of investors — his board of directors, so to speak — representing a broad scope of professions, a “team of people,” he said who will act on all applications.



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A reprint from Delmarva Farmer