Caleb Armbrust

hotDesk Serves as Satellite Office for Easton Resident Working for National Association

How I hotDesk – Caleb Armbrust

Saving Time – to Help Save Lives

Caleb_ArmbrustCaleb Armbrust was vaguely aware that Easton had a cowork facility after moving to the Eastern Shore in 2012.

However, it wasn’t until he accepted a position 15 months ago as Special Projects Manager for the National Fire Sprinkler Association (NFSA), that he needed the time-saving location and amenities hotDesks offered him professionally.

Armbrust moved to Talbot County for a post graduate fellowship after earning a B.S. in Fire and Safety Engineering Technology from Eastern Kentucky University. He was working for the Smith Island Baking Company when he learned about the NFSA opening.

“The NFSA is headquartered in Linthicum Heights and my position involves frequent travel. When I started with the association, I worked from home but a growing family and small quarters made having a home office difficult.”

To help create a more flexible, sustainable workspace option, Caleb became a hotDesk member last year.

“Having a space in town that’s close and affordable has allowed me to work and make calls uninterrupted,” he said.

Today, this Easton resident credits co-working with helping him save time – to better meet the needs of their members.

As technology is changing the fire sprinkler industry – especially with regards to inspections, reporting and tracking software – coworking is saving Caleb precious time to help save lives.

Meet Caleb Armbrust

Title               Special Projects Manager/Maryland Regional Director

Company       National Fire Sprinkler Association

Mission          To protect lives and property from fire through the widespread acceptance of the fire sprinkler concept.

hotDesk         Currently work one day a week from Easton but plan to take advantage of Baltimore cohort in near future.

Best Perks     White board walls, different rooms, snacks, and coffee, good wifi, and it’s quieter than Rise-Up!

Tech Tool       Microsoft surface tablet and pen to sketch out fire safety concepts and sprinkler configurations while on the road.

Hometown     Westerville, Ohio

Caleb Armbrust

The National Fire Sprinkler Association conducts public outreach and awareness activities to draw attention to the ‘unreported’ fires. They use burn trailers to demonstrate how fast a modern fire grows because of the materials and finishes found in home goods and decor. Here, Caleb (far left in blue shirt) narrates a demonstration comparing two rooms; one with a sprinkler and one without.