How I hotDesk – Eliza Connor

First time entrepreneur and co-worker Eliza Connor became a hotDesk member in early 2018.

An Eastern Shore resident for five years, Eliza is a respected leadership coach who helps individuals and teams elevate their potential through remote training sessions she conducts from her Easton hotDesk.

She also works full-time in Leadership Development for lululemon athletica as a North America Training Manager.

Eliza forged her path in leadership after graduating with a B.F.A. in Drama from New York University’s prestigious Tisch School of the Arts.

As she began auditioning, she soon realized “what I loved wasn’t the chance to perform, what I loved was the process involved.” Instead of pursuing a life as an actor, “I began looking for opportunities to grow my strength and passion in creating memorable, transformational experiences with people.”

Today, this Warwick, New York native credits co-working with creating the space and environment she needed to transition back to full-time employment.

Meet Eliza Connor: Coach. Consultant. Creator. Coworker.

Company:  Eliza Connor Coaching

Mission:  Creating space and conditions for the whole human to show up.

Favorite Tech/App:  Zoom video conferencing

hotDesk Home Base:  Easton

hotDesk Frequency:  Three days of the week, usually 10 am-4 pm

Best Amenities:  Location and walking distance to everything in Easton!

Why hotDesk?:  Co-working has allowed me to feel empowered in my transition back to full-time work after having my first baby; getting out of the house creates the boundary between me and sweet baby girl that allows me to focus the attention I need on my work.