ISS Cotton Sustainability Challenge Webinar – Sep 19

Informational Webinar
September 19, 2017
2:00 – 3:00 PM (EDT)

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What if space research could play a key role in addressing the global challenge of cotton sustainability? CASIS and Target invite you to participate in the ISS Cotton Sustainability Challenge Informational Webinar to learn about ways you can participate in this opportunity. This online session will give you more information and resources to learn how to design and submit a proposal for this exciting ISS National Laboratory challenge.

Featured Speakers:

  • Ken Savin, Associate Program Scientist, CASIS
  • Cindy Bouthot, Director of Commercial Innovation, CASIS
  • Jeremy Montour, Product Design and Development, Target Corporation

Webinar Benefits:

  • Learn about relevant space station research related to plant growth, fluid dynamics and remote sensing
  • Get in-depth resources to help you submit your proposal to the ISS Cotton Sustainability Challenge
  • Learn more about how improving cotton sustainability can benefit our planet
  • Connect and engage with science experts at CASIS, NASA and in the ISS research community

To learn more about this challenge visit us online.