MAVA TechBUZZ Launches Stellar Companies

Believe the BUZZ

Check out these recent announcements by TechBUZZ Alumni. These milestones illustrate the terrific track record of companies that have taken the stage at one of the country’s premier pitch platforms for seed stage companies.

TechBUZZ 2015 Presenter

Immuta Raises $8M Series A (February 2017)


TechBUZZ 2016 Presenter

Snag-A-Slip Raises $1.2M (February 2017)


TechBUZZ 2015 Presenter

Virgil Security Raises $4M Series A (October 2016)


TechBUZZ Spring 2017

Thursday, March 30th        1:00 – 7:30pm

FHI 360 @ Dupont Circle, 1825 Connecticut Ave, 8th Floor, Washington, DC