Next F³ Tech Symposium Set for Jan 31

With a focus on aquaculture, the next F³ Tech Symposium has been scheduled for Wednesday, January 31, 2018 and is being held at the College of Southern Maryland’s campus in Prince Frederick, MD.

A jam-packed agenda has been assembled which includes a large participation by private industry.  Complete details and registration are available at

Included on the agenda is:

  • Orientation of the F³ Tech Initiative
  • History of the Oyster Industry and Farm Raised Fish in Maryland
  • Oyster Restoration
  • Innovations & Technologies in Aquaculture

During the Lunch Session, there will be numerous Table Topics from which attendees may select to learn, share, and discuss:

  • Feed Matters – Meeting the growing aquaculture demands for seed, feed, and fertilizers, in terms of quantities and quality.
  • Production Losses – Reducing aquaculture production losses through improvement in fish health management.
  • Competition for Resources – Meeting aquaculture’s increasingly severe competition with other resource (land/water/feed) users.
  • Water Quality – Deteriorating quality of water supplies resulting from aquatic pollution.
  • CSM Curriculum – How can College of Southern Maryland support the agriculture/aquaculture industry?
  • Farming Integration – Successful integration of aquaculture with other farming activities, and promotion of small-scale low-cost aquaculture in support of rural development.
  • Data & Analytics – Methods of statistics and data mining that permit a deeper insight into aquaculture through collected datasets, either from daily data or from sampling to sampling data.
  • Environmental Management – Improvements in environmental management of aquaculture including reduction of environmental impacts and avoidance of risks to biodiversity through better site selection, appropriate use of technologies, including biotechnologies, and more efficient resource use and farm management.
  • Safety & Quality – Assurance of food safety and quality products in aquaculture.
  • Diversification – Going beyond oysters, what other species should/can be raised in the Chesapeake Region and what opportunity/challenges do they offer?