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If a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words, a Prototype is Worth a Thousand Pictures.3

1Does your business need new products produced through

  • Product Engineering,
  • Digital Design and Rendering, and
  • Prototype Fabrication?

Revolution Labs will make your company more competitive without the capital investment in personnel and equipment and lower the entry level into the digital design world.  Revolution Labs will help you

  • Win more business,
  • Bring new products quickly to market,
  • Turn your ideas into objects,
  • Differentiate you from the competition.

Revolution Labs (RL) is an enterprise of Eastern Shore Entrepreneurship Center and has accepted the task of injecting digital design and fabrication technologies into the businesses of the Eastern Shore.   We serve a rural and diverse community of startup, scale ups and entrepreneurs that is comprised of mainly small businesses that do not have in-house engineering, CAD, or prototype fabrication capabilities that are common to the urban regions.  This restricts the ability of the companies to develop new products and grow their business.

2RL is building the network of businesses that offer digital design and rendering services with
companies that cannot afford an engineering and design division.  In conjunction with hotDesks, a network of coworking spaces across the Eastern Shore, RL is filling in the missing pieces of technologies such as CAD design and 3D prototype printing to firms that have ideas but lack the capability to produce them locally.

Join us in the 4th Industrial Revolution as a user or supplier of digital design technologies on the Eastern Shore through the hotDesks network of coworking spaces.   Email us for more information or call 443.786.4471.