Space Apps Team Needs Your Vote!

Check out the video and then Vote for us!

We need your help. Voting for the People’s Choice Awards begins on 5/8/2017 at NASA’s Space Apps Challenge. You can check out our submission at The Dream Team. You could just check out the video at: Dream Team Video and then decide to vote for us. We are the Local People’s Choice Winner and have been nominated for Global Awards. You can help us go further.

A team of 5 Washington College students, staff, faculty and alumni participated in NASA’s Space Apps Challenge 2017. We named ourselves the Dream Team and hacked away at a challenge entitled You are my Sunshine. The space apps challenge is a 48-hour hackathon inspired to bring knowledge to the masses while building applications that utilize data in new and exciting ways. We decided to build a two-prong application dedicated to understanding and planning solar power. One prong is targeted towards an average consumer here on Earth. The other is targeted at explorers in habitats in space, Earth or other planets (we’re looking at you Mars). You can check out more information on our team’s submission pages and git repositories for The Dream Team.

So who is the Dream Team? Team Members are: Joey Erlandson ’17, Katie Walker `17, Ian Egland `16, Luis Machado `13  and Shaun Ramsey PhD.  They worked hard all weekend.

In addition, our efforts would not have been successful without the help of our hosts, direct local sponsors and Washington College. In specific, we’d like to thank Mike Thielke from hotDesks and Jamie Williams from Kent County Economic Development. They provided an awesome working space and food for the entire weekend. We’d also like to thank Shane Brill `03 M`11 for his expertise in putting together the awesome video.

That’s enough information for one email. Feel free to email questions and to dig through our project page The Dream Team Otherwise, don’t forget to do the following:

Check out the video and Vote for us!