TechBUZZ Celebrates Success

Opening Keynote:

Konstantin Zvereff-Akiiki, CEO

BlueCart, Inc.

(TechBUZZ Alum – Spring 2015)

And Their Story Just Keeps Getting Better!

Expansion into multiple markets on the east and west coasts
Customer engagement on the BlucCart Platform
Raised $17M in growth capital
And More….

Thursday, October 19th, 1:00 – 7:30pm

Jack Morton Auditorium, The George Washington University

805 21st St NW, Washington, DC 20052

Konstantin Zvereff-Akiiki, CEO


Konstantin left his native Barcelona at 18, earning his BA before spending two years with the Peace Corps in northern Mozambique. On his return to the States, Konstantin worked as an expeditor for serving at a high-end restaurant in Northern Virginia. That is how he knew how to work in an environment where occasionally plates were thrown and knives pointed in your direction. He turned that skill into several interesting entrepreneurial endeavors. Thereafter, he spent the early part of his career in investment banking, and earned his MBA from Georgetown University. It was during grad school that Konstantin and his partner Jag were assigned to a national restaurant chain to perform an operations project. They spent several weeks there watching how restaurants did business and noticed a tremendous problem with how inefficiently managers were placing orders at the end of the day. This grad school project gave birth to BlueCart, Inc. in 2014. The rest is history…in the making. @BluCartHQ