hotDesks is the Eastern Shore’s connection to the Maryland startup and entrepreneur ecosystem.  An initiative of the Eastern Shore Entrepreneurship Center serving the eight counties of Maryland’s Eastern Shore, hotDesks offers a network of coworking spaces, entrepreneur and innovation training, and access to capital for high-growth, scalable startup and growth businesses.

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Coworking spaces in and of themselves are nice, but more importantly are the networking and sense of community that develop among entrepreneurs, innovators, mentors, coaches, and investors.  It is the collisions that result and the connections to the entire Maryland startup and innovation ecosystem that provide value and benefit to members of the hotDesks network of coworking spaces.

Funding & Investment

Startup investment is an important part of the entrepreneurial experience and success. hotDesks provides access to numerous funding and investment opportunities throughout the State of Maryland’s startup ecosystem.

News & Posts

Where Angels Don’t Fear to Tread: Tips for Aspiring Early-Stage Investors

Like wealthy New York “angels” who funded Broadway productions a century ago, today’s angel investors have a...

TEDCO Builder Fund Conversations: Fundraising Expectations and Trends & Due Diligence Best Practices Tickets, Wed, Dec 5, 2018 at 3:00 PM 

TEDCO and Betamore Present a Weekly Speaker Series, Wednesdays, Fall 2018  Fundraising Expectations and Trends & Due...

TEDCO Announces New Round of Pre-Seed Builder Fund Program Recipients 

Fund aids in ongoing development of underserved start-up companies

Source: TEDCO Announces New Round of Pre-Seed Builder...

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For questions and additional details, you are welcome to contact the Eastern Shore Entrepreneurship Center -- the administrator of the hotDesks coworking network.

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