About Us

In 2013 the hotDesks journey began. The vision was to have a coworking space that provided access to high-speed internet to support innovative, highgrowth, scalable startup businesses in the Maryland Eastern Shore region.

The first location was in Salisbury. It was followed by additional spaces in Easton, Chestertown, Snow Hill, and Denton. The policy was “if you belong to one location, you belong to all locations.”

In 2022 access to high-speed internet was no longer the priority for hotDesks members. The management team decided that it would hand over the ownership of the different coworking spaces to local operators in each city so they could do a better job at promoting and using the space.

hotdesks.org operates with two functions. The first function is to serve as a directory that promotes coworking spaces and conference rooms on the Eastern Shore for travelers, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and remote employees. Please contact us if you would like to be added to the directory. The second function is to continue promoting entrepreneurship on the Eastern Shore.

Community ManagerS

Please reach out to the community manager for the coworking office you are interestested in inquiring about.
Tina Thompson

Tina Thompson

Community Manager in Cambridge
(410) 228-0155

Jamie Williams

Jamie Williams

Community Manager in Chestertown
(410) 810-2168


Audrey Clemens

Community Manager in Denton
(410) 924-2328

Jeremy Heslop

Jeremy Heslop

Community Manager in Salisbury
(410) 202-3127

Community builders

Reach out to our team of community builders to learn more about opportunities in the region.


Emiliano Espinosa

Lead Ecosystem Builder

mo mahmood

Mo Mahmood

Lead Ecosystem Builder