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Mentors & Coaches

Mentors and coaches are available to entrepreneurs and startup founders for one-hour counseling sessions.  Subject matter experts are also available to assist on a myriad of topics.  Initial sessions are free.  More expansive session are based upon affordable fee-for-service.  Contact hotDesks for details and recommendations.

There's a difference between mentors and coaches:

  • Mentors are not paid. They are volunteers who have been where you are and simply enjoy helping entrepreneurs and startups achieve success, giving you insight from their experiences. You will receive advice and likely a friendship if you return value to the relationship. Often times mentors focus as much on the entrepreneur as the business, providing a well-rounded benefit.
  • Coaches are paid and are not likely to remain a lifelong friend. They are paid for their expertise and if they are good at what they do, they can push you to be better. Coaches are not long-term solutions, but their impact, if you’re able to keep up with what they’ve given you (the tools, processes, etc.), can create long-term change. Typically coaches are used to address a specific issue.

Mentors and coaches will help you implement step-by-step solutions for...

  • Creating and increasing your revenue to drive profit.
  • Establishing the necessary financing or funding to enable your business to thrive.
  • Creating customized marketing plans to drive fast market penetration.
  • Equipping you to run the business, not the business running you.
  • Accessing the legal resources you need to avoid costly mistakes.
  • And much more!


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