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The Five Digital Flavors of Innovation | Innovation Management

The purpose of innovation categorization and differentiation is not about separating and siloing these management disciplines, but about how to best link them together – across focusing on core activities to develop innovation competency and manage a healthy innovation portfolio in a structural way. Systematic innovation: Innovation is not serendipity; organizations should ideally have a structural and sustainable approach to manage innovation. A systematic approach is to depict innovation as a system, whose performance depends on the alignment of its various components (people, process, technology, actions, controls, resources, etc). Fundamentally, innovation is the process to solve business problems in alternative ways. Innovation process could be very loose on purpose, but what is very rigorous and systematic is the analysis of problems and the ability to innovate by the depth of understanding of the issue to be dealt with, and identifying and evaluating opportunities where

Source: The Five Digital Flavors of Innovation | Innovation Management